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eTouchKiosk® is a top provider of interactive kiosks, digital signage and self serve solutions. Tell a story, engage, illustrate and educate with digital media. At eTouchKiosk®, we have the experience in kiosk development with a clear understanding of the manufacturing software requirements.

eTouchKiosk Solutions assigns a team dedicated to the success of your project covering; the project management, hardware design, graphic design, goals and branding guidelines, installation of hardware with ongoing content management – all according to your specifications.

Showcase Culture, Language & History

Visitors and your local community could soon become acquainted with a new solution to showcase your Culture, Language and History all at their fingertips. Ideal kiosk locations include community offices, schools, libraries, universities, museums and other gathering locations.

Visitor Information Centers

eTouchKiosk® works with you from start to finish with ongoing content management to create your interactive visitor information center.

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Before we start any custom kiosk projects we make sure to understand as much about the project as necessary to provide the most efficient and functional solution.

Once the physical custom kiosk display is completed the touchscreen and software installed, we perform a series of tests. These include user experience interface testing, unit testing for durability and finally overall performance testing.

Based on the approved design, we will proceed with manufacturing the custom kiosk.

We will collaborate with the client to understand all functionality requirements and environmental considerations. The design concept encompasses both visual design as well as user experience and flow. We present initial concept sketches in order to gather feedback.

Before each kiosk is delivered a thorough process of testing is completed. This includes touchscreen, software interface and any other custom functionality components allowed for in the project.